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The mission of United Elite Basketball is to improve each player’s basketball fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship, and overall fitness level. The United Elite Basketball organization, created in December 2011 by Coach Corey Warren, provides youth in the CSRA with the opportunity to acquire the essential skills needed to be successful basketball players. 

United Elite Basketball is focused on teaching and training youth in the fundamentals of basketball. Our program is not just a collection of individual teams, but a true athletic program in which teams become a family and support each other on and off the court. We believe that we have a program concept that is very unique in our region. 

The goals of United Elite Basketball are to provide an atmosphere with excellent coaching, high levels of competition for young athletes looking to improve their skills, while emphasizing the importance of education. By competing in high profile basketball tournaments, located in cities throughout the Southeast, our teams gain valuable exposure to the high demands of basketball. 


Director: Corey Warren

Letter from the Director

The reason I chose to create United Elite Basketball was due to the lack of skill development, of our youth, in the sport of basketball. When I began coaching 19 years ago, I noticed the lack of fundamental development of the youth who sought to play the game I love called basketball. 

I believe this lack of skill development was due to improper training from coaches and individuals involved with basketball who were also trained incorrectly. I do not consider myself as a complete expert on the game of basketball, however, I do continue to educate myself by reading, attending conferences and seminars, as well as physically training. I believe my knowledge and skill level allows me to effectively train youth to become elite basketball players. 

Through my training, I focus on developing the complete player, which includes, character, sportsmanship, gamesmanship and dedication. I seek to find the youths’ weaknesses and turn those weaknesses into strengths. I am highly enthusiastic about the opportunities I have to turn
“kids basketball dreams into basketball realities.”



Frankie Simon


Michelle Reid


Kena Arnold


Erin Dibling


Administrative Assistant



Coach Corey Warren

 "The game of basketball takes desire, heart and will.  Your investment to the game determines your ability as a player."
~ Coach Warren~

Coach Warren's Profile

Coach Reggie Cummings

        "Process before Success"   

~ Coach Cummings~ 

Coach Ryan Bellamy

 "If you are afraid to fail, then you are probably going to fail."  

~ Kobe Bryant~ 

Team Managers

Siterro Wheeler


K - 3rd Grade Team

Jessica Morgan


5th Grade Team

Michelle Reid


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