Coach Warren


Coach Corey Warren holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports and Fitness Management and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Physical Education degree. Coach Warren spent his early life loving the game of basketball. He played basketball for 24 years and coached for 17 years. He started playing the game of basketball on the side of the house with a bicycle rim, nails and a tree. Coach Warren’s skills developed after years of practice and dedication to the sport. He has always had a passion for teaching fundamentals, and he believes in hard work and commitment. Coach Warren started his coaching career through Waynesboro Recreation Department where he coached basketball and football. He is a firm believer that hard work and dedication equals success, and he stands by those values. Coach Warren measures his success as a coach by the accomplishments of the players after their departure from his training. Although wins and losses are a very important aspect of the game, Coach Warren focuses his value on the learning curve and overall growth of the athlete. Coach Warren uses his skills and knowledge of the sport as a stepping stone to help players reach the next level while building confidence and desire at the same time.